Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports

Your Chesapeake Bay Fishing Experience

Stay in the know with our latest fishing reports at FIN-ATIC Sport Fishing. Our regular updates will provide you with valuable insights into the current fishing conditions, hotspots, and the incredible catches made on our charters. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a first-timer, our fishing reports are your gateway to staying ahead of the game and ensuring an exciting and successful day on the water. Check back often to plan your next epic fishing adventure with Captain Mike and the FIN-ATIC team!

We get these questions a lot. What is the best bait for the Chesapeake Bay? What is the rarest fish in the Chesapeake Bay? Where is the best fishing in the Chesapeake Bay? When embarking on a memorable fishing adventure with FIN-ATIC Sport Fishing in the Chesapeake Bay, the choice of bait often depends on the target species, but live or cut baitfish like menhaden, spot, and bloodworms are commonly used to attract a variety of game fish. As you cast your line with Captain Mike, you might be in for a surprise, as the Chesapeake Bay boasts some rare and elusive species, making each trip a potential encounter with something truly unique. The best fishing in the Chesapeake Bay can be found under the expert guidance of Captain Mike and the FIN-ATIC crew, who know the prime locations and the optimal times to ensure you have an exceptional angling experience.

Peruse our fishing reports to discover the incredible experiences our guests have had while landing these amazing catches! At FIN-ATIC Sport Fishing, you can select fishing trips ranging from 4 to 8 hours, allowing you to tailor your adventure to your preferred experience and desired time on the water. 

We understand that numerous resources are available for planning your upcoming fishing expedition, and we're delighted that you've found our insights valuable. At FIN-ATIC Sport Fishing, we're enthusiastic about imparting our expertise about this magnificent aquatic environment to fellow passionate anglers like yourself. We're eagerly looking forward to sharing an incredible fishing experience with you!

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